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Cat Facts changed my life- I quit my job and started learning to speak cat.

Mr. Cat
I signed my brother up for Cat Facts and now he doesn't visit me anymore.

Estranged Brother
I met my husband after he signed me up for Cat Facts. Thank you Cat Facts!

I asked my prom date out with Cat Facts. It's anonymous so she didn't know it was me.

High Schooler
I'm not a big fan of cats but I like getting texts a lot.

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Common Questions
Is this for real?
Yes! Tap here to test it out. We believe everyone should bask in the glory that is Cat Facts!
Why does it cost money?
Because text messages cost money and we're not paying for you to prank your friends.
When will the texts send?
All texts are sent out on a fixed schedule, so you may have to wait up to 15 minutes.